usps change of address

USPS Change of Address Online Service is among the pioneers in providing the USPS change of address service online. It performs the process of changing your address and forward mail through the United States postal service (USPS). USPS mail forwarding has never been easier. No more waiting in line at the post office for the USPS change of address, while you are in the process of moving to a new place. Just a few clicks and your USPS address change is done. Get a change of address online confirmation right away through email. Not only that! We provide premium service with great benefits. Saving your time and fuel is our mission. We are a third party, not affiliated with USPS or the price of the service. You have the right to submit the change of address request directly with the post office.

Trying to fill the form? Here we are, let us help you to get through it. The first section provided requires the information regarding your type of move, if it is a permanent one or if it is otherwise. Then there is a bar right below it, which is click-able. Once you click it, it will open a calendar inform of you and you can opt for your forwarding date. Are you moving or your family, choose correctly.

The second Portion of the form requires your name, E-mail and the phone number as well. There is also the space underneath, which is provided regarding Privacy along with the Terms and Conditions.

The third portion of the form requires your information of your Old address along with your new one. Fill it correctly and double-check the numbers.

If your query is not mentioned, feel free to contact us.


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